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Jan E. Beran, Attorney at Law, providing legal representation in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska since 1983. Handling general civil matters including real estate; landlord and tenant (Landlords only); wills, trusts and probate; business formation (incorporation, LLC, and partnerships); and adoptions.
Due to increased work load, I am currently not accepting new clients for divorces, child custody/support, personal injury, and bankruptcy (debtor). If you have a need, give me a call, we can refer you to someone who will help you.

Front Page of my Site. Just a quick loading, nifty looking first page.
Home (this page): On this page you find the basic layout of the website as well as a description of three important pages in the site. Clicking on the tabs above, or the main categories below takes you to the index for that section.
Site Map page: On this page you will find links to most of the pages in our site. By clicking on the link, you will be taken directly to the page rather than accessing the index of the various categories. This is a shortcut to the various pages.
Legal Disclaimer page: I strongly recommend that you read the information contained on this page. This is the "fine print" of usage of this site. It governs the rules of use of the site and from time to time will contain an golden egg. A golden egg is not as good as winning the lottery but almost.
Jokes page: From time to time I run across funny tidbits and jokes. I pass these along to you on this page. If you are looking for the typical lawyer jokes, pass this page by you won't find them here, especially the "kill all lawyers" variety.
About Us Index: On these pages you will learn something about my education and experience. Included is a brief resume and biography. You will also find information on how to find our office, pictures of our office building, and court houses where we most often appear. You will also find information on how to contact us by mail, phone, fax and email.
Areas of Law Index: These are the main pages of the web site. Here you will learn basic information about various areas of law in which I concentrate my practice. In particular, if you are a residential landlord, I have an abundance of information regarding your industry. I have several statutes, forms and even a question and answer section. People seeking relief from creditors will find helpful information about chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases. Those seeking basic information about creating wills and estate planning will find useful information on my Probate pages. On the probate pages you will also find a fact sheet on living wills, power of attorney for health care and durable power of attorney. I have information about various family law topics as well.
Links Index: In our surfing of the web, we often run across web sites that we return to day after day. I have this page set as my default page on my browser. Here you will find links to Federal, State and Local lawmaking bodies, the Lancaster County Assessor's site, the Bar Association, the University of Nebraska library and many, many more.
Students Index: I didn't know what to name this series of pages. It is actually its own web site. These are the pages for my students and participants in lectures and seminars. Every one is free to browse these pages as you may find something of value.
News: On the index to this section, you will find a brief resume of any updates as they are made to the site. In addition, there will, from time to time be important new flashes. Information that you, my friends and clients may find useful.
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